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Gustav Klimt, The Kiss (1907-1908) / Arctic Monkeys, Arabella (2013)


Gustav Klimt, The Kiss (1907-1908) / Arctic Monkeys, Arabella (2013)

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FYI – The above photo was not taken today. Hence my blog name, get ready for some delightful feet snapshots. Beginning with my next post and future posts, I will be posting feet photos relevant to them… ish.

SUNDAY– the day before the beginning of the end AKA the work week. I usually dread Sundays because I want to be as far away from Monday as possible. I do have a full-time job, the 8 to…

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Do you know that dream that repeats itself? Not a recurrence, but thinking that you’re awake, when in fact you’re not and you find yourself waking up 3 more times, but they were all dreams. I believe it’s called false awakening….

Did you think there would be profundity to my intro? I just think that false awakening is pretty damn cool. It’s happened to me a few times. Each time it has happened, I…

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So, this is pretty shocking. 234 girls were abducted from their boarding school in Chibok in Nigeria on April 15th. Most of them are between the ages of 16 and 18. It is known that they were abducted by the terrorist group Boko Haram, and it is believed that the girls are being sold as wives, and are now involved in human traficking. It is even known roughly where they are being kept.
There has been very little response from the Nigerian government, in fact even telling international media that a large number had been found when they hadn’t. The Nigerian army is also very inefficient at dealing with this kind of crisis. The Nigerian people have been holding mass protests and fundraising to send out private search parties into the jungle. Now there is a call for international governments to lend a hand, these girls have done nothing to deserve to suffer at the hands of a corrupt and unjust government.

As usual with third world affairs, I’ve seen very little about this on tumblr, and there’s been an international social media campaign to raise awareness about this. Can you imagine in 234 girls went missing from the UK, USA or Europe?! If you call yourself a feminist, then you have a duty to care about women’s rights internationally, and this a pretty big infringement of those rights.

Please spread the message about this, and go and find out about it! You can sign this petition to the Nigerian President or this one to the White House.. Or you could donate to a human rights organisation such as Amnesty International, who have even set up a tumblr to show support for the girls.

I’m just shocked at the lack of media coverage this is getting, and more people need to be aware of this!

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Going off of an impulse. I might as well do this now, before the inertness kicks in. I promised myself that I would start writing on this thing. I have to do something. I’ve always been a writer, but I have this constant wall that keeps me from spontaneously or rather, habitually writing. Laziness, Life, Lagging – definitely all of the above. Originally, I intended for Endlessfootstepsto be a…

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Zuhair Murad Pre Fall 2014 Collection

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